About Us


Classified Wine & Spirits, LLC. was created in 2003 as a partnership between founders David Smith and Paul Kundrouf out of Austin, Texas. Established as a sales and marketing consulting company, CWS has helped many wineries become successful with both large and small wholesalers and has built multiple brands through chain stores, restaurants and fine wine shops.

Today, David continues the legacy of CWS as an industry leader and international importer of fine wines. CWS provides context and focus to local markets and creates long-term relationships across the entire supply chain including all types of on and off premise accounts and the final consumer. Classified Wine & Spirits takes great pride in the quality of the wines they represent and are passionate about the industry.

Our Team

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David Smith

Founder/Managing Director


Jake Aziz

General Manager

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Steve Alley

Team USA

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Ryan Odom

Team Houston


Heather Gorman

Team Houston


David Donalson

Team Dallas/Ft. Worth